Archetype, 2019

Live shows by and for modern artists.

Near the end of 2018, I’ve recognized a need in Jerusalem for modern musicians to present their works.

Together with the New Music department of the Musrara School, I’ve conjured the idea and presented it mainly to students of the department. It wasn’t long until we decided to include visual works by the students of the New Media department from the school to be projected on the performers.

During 2019 we’ve had three evenings, with the plan to continue through 2020 that did not come to fruition due do COVID-19.

Past Events:

#1 – 08/01/2019: “Rakiya” (Daniel Treysstman, Amos Peled, Ron Sheskin, Yuval Gottlieb), “Shtuiot” (Bar Zaken, Tom Pearl), Lior Pinsky.

#2 – 05/03/2019: “Occasionally Acid Flashback” (Carmel Riboch, Eran Tzamit), “PL Schaffel” (Bar Eran, Omer Goldberg, Omri De-Picciotto), Avi Elbaz.

#3 – 30/04/2019: “Plastic State” (Nitay Levi), “Anak is a Good Name (AIAGN)” (Yarden Levi-Ellentuck, Ehud Lax), Itamar Shlomo Cohen, Yogev Freilichman.