Ehud Lax (b. 1994) is a musician hailing from the southern desert of Israel, currently residing in Jerusalem.

Raised in an environment that did not encourage any way of thinking for yourself, Lax’s youth were defined by the rebellious nature of his actions in general and in particular through the music in his life – first by hearing different kinds of music, and then by creating his own music.

Defining himself as a musician that seeks to intrigue people, he tries to implant more “classical” or “pop-y” elements into his musical creation process, be it via rhythmic or melodic experiences that make you think when you’re not supposed to.

First and foremost an electric bass player, during his studies in the Musrara School of High Arts, Jerusalem, Lax was exposed to the world of electronic instruments and contemporary music, and started incorporating the use of these ideas into his musical vocabulary.

“The time I had learning in Jerusalem opened my mind to new kinds of music, and my paradigm shifted towards exploring the minimalist options presented in repetition and subtle changes viewed in large and well-constructed music pieces of composers such as Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Morton Feldman and their kinds.”

Approaching the work on the final project of his studies, Lax decided to delve deeper into the minimalistic approach in his piece “Triad”, composed for an electro-acoustic ensemble of synthesizers, electric guitars and electric bass. This piece was infused with philosophical themes regarding triads in culture, theology and psychology.

Citing influences varying from jazz and contemporary music to electro-pop and metal, the music made by Lax is changing and varied, ever evolving, regarded by the artist as a constant attempt to make the contemporary scene relevant to the general public.

Ehud Lax has earned the title of Honorary Student for his studies in the Musrara School of High Arts for his graduation.